Windmill Fair is an essential part of the Windmill Festival! Various crafts and tons of interesting things will be awaiting you at the stands.

Adam's Honey Farm


100% natural, pure honey made by local bees, blended with rakija – because of its popularity last year, HoneyMoonShine will return to the Windmill Fair.

Alkotó Zug

Nice things made with various techniques; jewelry, paintings, decoration...


Unique wire jewelry made by a girl who has seven years of experience as an autodidact craftsperson and a huge amount of creativity.



A fragrant and colorful range of accessories and various nice things, in Eastern style.

Carol's beauties


Unique, handmade jewelry in antique style.

Koós Dezső

Dezső started learning leatherworking as an autodidact, but now he is improving his skills by working together with experienced leatherworkers. His works are 100% hand made of quality cowhide. Simplicity and quality characterize his unique and lifelong-lasting works.

DiamondWood & ZorArt


A creative couple from Szeged. They carve various objects from wood, paint pebbles and stones, create jewelry and instruments... and whatever comes to their minds! Repurposing and recycling are important for them and in most of the cases the finished products are surprising and unique.


Diana has been making clothes for approximately 6 years. She likes to use extraordinary materials. Her favorite piece is the discoball-suit she prepared for an album promoting performance.



Handmade, unique, wooden glass frames, for You.



Publishing House “Forum” – stimulating Hungarian literature from Vojvodina, since 1957.



„Hand-sewn wooden” jewelry.

Jammin Soap

Soaps, skin creams and shampoos from natural ingredients; they are healthier, better, nicer and more lovely than the products that you can buy at stores!



Szandra can see the tangerine skies behind the tall, gray buildings... with her Kaleidoscope Eyes. She can see many other wonderful things and can also form them into magical mandala-jewelry.

Kinga Handmade Soaps


Natural, crafted soaps, body scrubs, lip balms, eyelash serum, beard oil, natural, scented candles, made with lots of love.



Jewelry and dreamcathers made of wood, semi-precious stones/minerals, (faux) leather and feathers. Handmade with love in Senta – this year for the fifth time at the Windmill Fair.



Small miracles of our Universe, shaped into clay. (S-ee M-iracles I-n L-ife E-veryday!)



Handmade, wooden furniture, toys, various useful and nice things. While bringing their products into existence, this creative couple is very carefully taking advantage of all the natural characteristics of wood.

Moon Art Design


The members of this team have been participants of our Bazaar activities for three years. This time again they’ll bring us some nice leather products, handmade jewelry, toys, belts made of bike tyre and many more lovely things.



Handmade ceramic mugs and other nice things for your kitchen, skillfully created with care, by a father, a daughter and a son.



Lovely patchwork tablecloths, (belt)bags, bedspreads and things for babies.



Psybell (Bea Mágori) from Szeged will bring us various products:

  • Eldorádó: sarongs, belt bags, bags, bandanas.
  • Ennwira: jewelry made of mineral stones.
  • Kreatia: macrame/feather accessories.
  • Psybell: huge dreamcatchers & exclusive second hand clothes.
Sunbird handmade


Colors, colors everywhere! For Hajni, crafts are ways of expressing herself. She knits beanies and mittens, sews wallets, bags, belt bags and more.

Sundry Art


Our dear designer friend will be present at the Windmill Festival this year, too, to bring us some nice stuff again. Shoes, clothes, flasks, cigarette holders and many more... colorful and funny things that we (can) fall in love with!

Textil & Filc


Adorable, decorative and useful things made of cotton and felt.



Wasim Ali from Auroville will bring us some lovely handmade, leather bags, inspired by Indian tribes.

Trip Hemp Fashion


Innovative way of making clothes from hemp and cotton, for a sustainable fashion. Trip Hemp Fashion offers you modern and comfortable T-shirts.



Ceramic odds and ends, lovely things made in a workshop located in the northernmost part of Serbia.



Wooden things, paintings, graphics from Belarus.