1) How to approach the destination?

In the Info menu you’ll find the necessary information. By bike, by bus, by train, on foot. With friends, with girlfriends, with boyfriends, with family.

2) Can we purchase tickets in advance?


3) Is camping available? If yes, where and how much does it cost?

We provide you a campsite near the swimming pool. It is free of charge.

4) Is it allowed to bring food and drinks inside?

No alcoholic beverages are allowed upon entrance. You can bring in non-alcoholic beverages. Food is allowed under trade volume. Properties of the like have to be shown for security staff to control upon entrance.

5) Can we buy food and drinks on spot?

Yes, at several places. You can purchase them on friendly prices. Veggie/vegan kitchen involved.

6) What property is not allowed upon entrance?

The organizing board pays special attention to the physical well-being of visitors. Potentially harmful objects are therefore forbidden. According to the current law in force you cannot keep objects potentially dangerous to public safety (knife with a blade over 8 cm, switchblade, gas spray, squailer etc.). To do so is defined as misdemeanour.

It is also forbidden to bring in any inflammable material (e.g. camping gas tank) and alcoholic beverages. Light and hard drugs are both illegal in Serbia, it is especially prohibited to bring in those!

7) What are the hygienic conditions are like (shower cabins, warm water, toilets)?

Toilets are available. We provide you with shower cabins near the swimming pool. Water temperature will suit you (especially in hot weather).

8) Will there be any surveillance and security staff?

There will be surveillance on the festivals territory, however, we cannot take responsibility for valuable properties.

9) Are there any parking places? Will they be guarded?

We provide parking places outside the festival. We cannot take responsibility to valuable properties. It is strongly forbidden to drive in to the festival’s territory without permission.

10) Who should I turn to in case I need help?

We are at your disposal at the info desk inside the mill. Place your trust in the organizers with questions and requests.

11) Is it allowed to light a campfire on site?

It is STRONGLY FORBIDDEN to light fire on site!