The purchase of the entrance ticket entitles you to enter the territory of the festival on condition you obey the present house rules and accept that the organizers – who wrote these lines also – might supervise your actions and behaviour accordingly.


You can enter the festival defined by the period and conditions according to your purchased ticket. You have to wear the valid wristband. It will be supervised by security guards during entrance and exit and all over the festival’s site.

Please pay respect to mother nature, and do not produce and throw out unnecessary waste and garbage! Thanks. If you are interested in our tin cup campaign, check the link.


You are allowed to enter the festival with your single day ticket on the relevant day from 10 am until 2 am the next day; you can stay with the single day ticket until 10 am in the morning the following day. Singe day tickets for the last day of the festival (14 August 2022) entitles you to stay until 12 am on site.

Your three-day ticket entitles you to stay on site from 6 pm 10 August 2022 until 12 am 14 August 2022. Campsite and shower cabins are provided also during your stay.

If you have an invalid wristband you’ll have to purchase a valid one. The entrance ticket and the wristband cannot be handed over to another person. Hurt, repasted, cut or oversized etc. wristband qualifies to be invalid. Disposed or lost wristbands are not replaceable. In this case you’ll have to purchase another one, unfortunately.

Children under thirteen have free entry. Children under fourteen can only enter and stay with an adult attendant.


Drive in with an unauthorized vehicle is prohibited! Please use public transport, bicycle, or car to reach the site.

It is also prohibited to stop and wait a vehicle at the entrance.

In the nearby the number of parking places is limited. The organizers suggest for everyone to use public transport and/or bicycle.


It is forbidden to bring in glass, maulers, cutters or any other objects that might do harm to others. According to operate legal rules you cannot keep any object that endangers public safety (knives with edge larger than 8 cm, gas spray, squailer etc.). It is defined as misdemeanour. Special note: you cannot keep a sharp-edged ended umbrella, hammer, rub hammer and gas heater either! Fire prohibition is valid during the fetstival.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed to enter. Unopened mineral waters up to a pack of two-litre bottles are allowed per person. Food is only allowed to enter under trade volume. Like products are bound to be shown to control to the security staff at the entrance.


Malomfesztivál likes animals but…

Pets are only allowed with a leash and muzzle. They can enter on condition they have valid certificate of inoculation, certificate of rabies immunity not older than one year, leash, muzzle and collar with the phone number of the owner. These will be supervised upon entrance and any items lacking results in the exclusion of the pet.  Upon entering with a pet the owner acknowledges that s/he has to keep it in hygienic suitable circumstances. Dogs and ferrets have to be kept on a leash and with a muzzle during the whole festival. Organizers are entitled to prohibit the entrance of specific animals.


Lost and found properties should be submitted and looked for at the info desk inside the mill.


Sight and sound is recorded throughout the event. Participants can only be named with their consent in advance. However, no demands are valid towards the makers of the recordings or towards the organizers. Shooting photos is permitted, however, you can only record sight and sound of concerts with explicit written permission of the organizers.

Without the explicit written permission of the organizers any advertising activity is forbidden!

We will not serve alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 or drunk.

Please note the consumption of any illegal drugs is forbidden according to the current law in force.

Organizers will not take responsibility in any harm done to persons or valuable properties.

The event will not be called off due to weather conditions.

The right to program change is reserved. Please take care of nature, of each other and of yourselves!


The organizers of Malomfesztivál