Festival “Survival” Kit

Has it ever occurred to you during camp setting that you reminded yourself: “oh, I forgot to bring my cup, even my plate, or even my life-saving pate?” In order to evade situations like this we completed a short list of the items you should bring with yourself to Malomfesztivál 2022.

  • Tin cup and flask – they are cool and useful. Or, if you happen to forget to bring one, you can buy an even cooler Malomfesztivál recup during the fest.
  • Cutlery, plate – this year we are willing to spare waste even more so we kindly ask you to bring your own cutlery and plate with you  - let’s produce less useless waste!
  • Bamboo toothbrush – what about trying one instead of the usual plastic? Save your gleaming smile for the festival!
  • Textiles for batiking – you have a number of opportunities to let your creativity free to flow. One of them is batiking. Recolor your old-time clothes with us!
  • Camp, flashlight, blanket, sleeping bag, slumber wear, favourite pillow – anything that makes you comfy while sleeping; bring warm blankets with you to keep enjoying the three most wonderful days of the year without getting the flu. Two larger areas of campsites are available.
  • Swimsuit – bathing pool free of charge!
  • Festival ticket – if you’d like to get in you’d better bring it with you. If you don’t have one yet you can buy it any time online click here.
  • Dog, cat, goat, guinea-hen – all of them are welcome!

What you should NOT bring this time:

  • Soap – this year we provide handmade eco-soaps in the shower rooms.
  • Bad mood – leave your worries at home and feel free at the mill!
  • Disposable plastic things – let’s try to live without waste at least for these days. A number of presentations will give you guide in this – click here.
  • Alcoholic beverages, sharp objects, drugs etc.