Festival Philosophy


Our object is to make the festival more eco-friendly than ever. Malom kitchen introduces a number a innovations: it will plastic-free and try to reduce the production of waste as low as possible. In this year they prepare food not only for the campers but for the attendants of the festival also. Ingredients are made up of products of home manufacturers and there will be a wider selection of vegan foods.

They clean kitchen utensils with washing-soda. They won’t use any chemicals harmful to the environment. The construction of the festival’s furniture is all made up of recycled material: we build everything from what is possible and disposable. We would like to involve festival attenders in this process, too: you should do your own selective waste collection and bring your own cutlery and plate with you. It is only a plate among your garments but one less plastic in the ocean!

There will be handmade soaps and shampoos in the newly built shower cabins, we build some chairs from litter, you can purchase cups made from recycled material, and lot-lot surprises await for you. This year’s festival T-shirts are going to be made of from second-hand textiles instead of new ones…