The organizers

Organization of the festival is officially conducted by the Wemsical Serbia Youth and Cultural Association based in Kanjiza. The association was formed in August 2014, with the main goal of making a long-standing, all-encompassing artistic background that encourages alternative forms of expression, tolerance, cultivation of existing traditions and the creation of new traditions through Malomfesztivál. In a nutshell, we wish to create the procedure that goes from “me” to “us” near the living, breathing building of Orom’s windmill, which hosts various exhibitions, workshops, and screenings.

The organization of Malomfesztivál is effectively supported by the community of Orom and the organizers’ circle of friends: bands, partner-artists, family members, cultural and intellectual supporters. Click here to see our partners.

You should note that if you have already shared our event or spoken about it to your friends, you have already helped our cause, and are also regarded as an organizer. Thanks for being a good person!

Personal references of our team includes the following: Nyári Ifjúsági Játékok (Summer Youth Games of Senta), Yellow Spots tour of the Balkans, Ashen Epitaph tour of Central Europe, Lábos Electric Orchestra management and gigs, Középiskolások Művészeti Vetélkedője (High School Art Contests), KMV parties (Watch My Dying, Ska-Pécs, Pannonia Allstars Orchestra, Eyesburn, Lóci játszik, Supernem), Desiré Central Station Festival, Malomfesztivál 2014 and 2015, Go Sk8 Days 2015

If you’d like to get to know us, this is the perfect opportunity to have fun together during August 2022 in Orom, Kanjiza municipality!